How Casinos Surveillance Systems Work


Usually a casino is a public building that houses games of chance. Some casinos also offer live entertainment or dining. Casinos are a highly profitable business. The money they generate comes from commissions.

If you want to make sure you’re not getting ripped off, you should know what the odds are for the games you’re playing. It’s important to know the odds so you know how much you’ll win, and how much you’ll lose.

Casinos use security cameras to watch all their games. They’re also able to record video feeds for later review. Casinos also have a staff that watches over patrons. They can spot cheating and other suspicious behavior, and enforcing rules of conduct.

Casinos also have cameras in the ceiling, which watch all windows and doors. They’re also able to adjust the cameras so they can focus on patrons who are suspicious.

In some casinos, they have catwalks that let surveillance personnel look down on the casino floor. Casinos have cameras on the floor and in the ceiling to watch all their games.

Casinos also have surveillance systems to watch patrons and patterns of behavior. They are also able to monitor employees and keep an eye on gambling patterns.

Casinos also use a mathematical advantage to ensure they win over players. This advantage is known as a house advantage. Depending on the game, the house edge can be as low as two percent or as high as five percent.

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