Does Online Gambling Lead to Problem Gambling?

Online Gambling is a rapidly growing industry. In the last fifteen years, Internet gambling has changed the way people gamble. It offers ease, convenience, and a wide range of betting options. With the high speed Internet connection, bets can be made quickly.

Although the growth of online gambling may lead to a rise in problem gamblers, there is little evidence to support this claim. Nonetheless, there is a trend towards regulation, which could increase consumer protection while also creating taxation revenue.

Recent research has focused on the effects of Internet gambling on problem gamblers. For instance, it has been reported that Internet gamblers have a higher rate of drinking and drug use. Also, they are more likely to self-harm. However, most of the studies on Internet gambling have been cross-sectional. The problem with these types of research is that they can be skewed by reporting error.

A recent study conducted by LaPlante and colleagues examined the relationship between gambling involvement and problem gambling. They found that internet gamblers were more likely to participate in problem gambling than their offline counterparts.

Additionally, they compared self-reported gambling problems with the amount of gambling involved in a given period of time. Their findings suggested that some Internet problem gamblers had already had a problem.

The first online casino opened for the general public in Liechtenstein. Other countries, such as Australia, have legalized land-based electronic gaming machines. Despite the widespread availability of these types of machines, many Internet gamblers still believe that online gambling is more addictive than traditional modes.

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